KULR technology provides lithium-ion cell testing services to NASA for upcoming Artemis Program

KULR Technology Group, Inc., a leading developer of next-generation lithium-ion battery safety and thermal management technologies, secured a battery safety contract with NASA to test its lithium-ion cells going into future battery packs designed for the Artemis Program, a series of United States-led international human spaceflight programs. The first launch of the program, the Artemis-I, is scheduled for May 2022.

KULR performed the tests on cells in reserve for upcoming Artemis missions as well as other pending critical manned space voyages. The cells used on the missions are required to meet certification to NASA’s specification for manned flight, EP-WI-037.

One of the key building blocks in KULR’s ecosystem for developing lithium-ion battery safety and performance standards is testing capabilities. Leveraging experience from decades of thermal management designs, KULR’s engineering and instrumentation teams are currently processing up to 10,000 lithium-ion cells a week as they prepare for the transition to the first fully automated test, specifically for the extensive specifications of NASA, the Department of Defense (“DoD”) and others who perform manned flight missions. Testing cells to the NASA flight specification EP-WI-037 translates into mission readiness for the country’s astronauts and military aviators. The Company looks forward to providing important news about further testing awards throughout 2022.

We are proud to continue providing our space-proven test solutions to NASA and supporting the vision and reality of manned stations in Lunar orbit on the moon itself and then on to Mars,” said Michael Mo, CEO of KULR. “Testing adds to the design services and thermal management solutions provided by KULR on multiple successful space missions including our products on the Mars Perseverance and International Space Station.

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