Europe’s first Li-ion battery anode plant successfully commissioned and operating

Battery and advanced materials company Talga Group Ltd has announced the successful commissioning of its Electric Vehicle Anode qualification plant in
Luleå, Sweden.

The EVA, understood to be Europe’s first Li-ion battery anode plant, will produce large scale commercial samples of Talga’s coated active anode material for battery customer qualification. The now operational plant was commissioned on time and within budget.

Plant production stages includes shaping and coating to produce Talga’s flagship Li-ion battery anode, Talnode®-C. The anode production process will use purified graphite concentrate from Talga’s whollyowned Vittangi graphite project, in line with the Company’s vertically integrated business model. The plant will be officially launched at an event on Friday 1 April 2022 attended by customers, government officials and local stakeholders. A community open day will be held on 2 April 2022.

Talga Managing Director, Mark Thompson, commented: “With demand for clean
graphite anode rising, Talga’s Electric Vehicle Anode plant is an important step in the journey for the establishment of a European EV and battery supply chain. We look forward to start delivering large scale samples to engaged EV battery customers.

Large scale commercial testing is a critical stage in the EV customer procurement process for active anode material. The EVA plant represents an integral step in scaling up Talga’s vertically integrated mine-to-anode business and provides the Company with a unique advantage in the fast-growing European Li-ion battery supply chain.

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