V-TAC launches ESS range compatible to most inverter brands in the UK

New PV manufacturer V-TAC launches a range of batteries for PV systems compatible to a majority of inverter brands available in the market. The new product range is targeted to meet power storage requirements of varying solar array sizes, backup power needs, and overnight power consumption in kWh. Standing, wall-mounted, rack-mounted options are offered for installation flexibility.

After the successful launch of their new renewables catalogue, V-TAC highlights its energy storage solutions range with impressive compatibility to existing inverters in the market. Installers and clients usually encounter incompatibility issues between Lithium-Ion batteries and inverters which result in reduced battery life, increased maintenance & repair costs, and significant decline of the system’s overall efficiency.

Besides the diverse catalogue which enables creation of an ecosystem of panels, inverters, and batteries seamlessly working together, V-TAC aims to solve this problem by offering batteries compatible with most inverter brands currently available in the market.

Dinesh Sajnani, CEO of V-TAC states, “This expanded compatibility is meant to give V-TAC customers a key advantage, as it allows easy integration of the batteries into existing systems, without needing to purchase new inverters. We are also constantly upgrading and improving the products to make them more compatible with other brands of inverters, making it easier for customers to choose the best inverter for their needs.

He added, “They are designed to be lightweight and easy to install – making them an attractive, low maintenance option. For the utmost convenience of users, our new energy storage solutions range include a user-friendly app that allows monitoring and control of solar energy systems from their smart devices and computers.”

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