Delivering Superb Performance with “Mn”! Gotion High-Tech’s Astroinno Battery features range of 1000km without using NCM

L600 Astroinno battery cell

On May 19, Gotion High-Tech launched its in-house L600 Astroinno battery cell and pack under the LMFP lineup at the 12th Gotion Technology Conference. This manganese doped LMFP Astroinno battery features a range of up to 1000km, setting a precedent for developing NCM-free batteries with a range that reaches 1000km in the industry. This marks another good news for Gotion High-Tech after it received a procurement letter from Volkswagen and became a designated supplier for the automaker’s overseas markets.

Dr. Cheng Qian, Executive President of the International Business Unit of Gotion High-Tech, who released the battery, triggered a burst of applause when he ran onto the stage. “In recent years, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology has regained the recognition of the market with market share continuing to increase,” said Cheng Qian. “Meanwhile, the energy density growth of mass-produced LFP batteries has encountered bottlenecks, and further improvement requires an upgrade of the chemical system, so manganese doped as called lithium iron manganese phosphate(LMFP) was developed.

Astroinno L600 LMFP battery cell, which has passed all safety tests, has a weight energy density of 240Wh/kg, a volume energy density of 525Wh/L, a cycle life of 4000 times at room temperature, and a cycle life of 1800 times at high temperatures. The the volumetric cell to pack ratio has reached 76% after adopting the L600 cell, and the system energy density has reached 190Wh/kg, surpassing the pack energy density of current mass-produced NCM cells. It is due to the high energy density of Astroinno battery that we can enable a range of 1000km without relying on NCM materials,” added Dr. Cheng.

According to Dr. Cheng, after ten years of in-house research on lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) materials, Gotion High-Tech has solved the challenges of Mn dissolution at high temperatures, low conductivity, and low compaction density through utilizing co-precipitation,doping encapsulation technology, new granulation technology and new electrolyte additives. Gotion High-Tech’s breakthroughs in LMFP, on the one hand, are due to the forward-looking materials deployment of the company, which obtained the “New Product Certificate of IFP1865140-15Ah Prismatic LMFP Battery” in 2014, and received the “New Product Certificate of LMFP Carbon Composite Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries” in 2016; on the other hand, the achievement is also attributable to the company’s R&D efforts worldwide.

Its research institution in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, has developed a new electrolyte for LMFP, which has greatly improved the cycle and storage performance at high temperatures. With its in-house LMFP materials and electrolytes, Gotion High-Tech has successfully developed the Astroinno L600 battery cell.


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