United Mineral & Chemical announces the acquisition of Pred Materials International

United Mineral & Chemical Corporation (UMC), Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States, a member of the ICD Group of companies, has acquired Pred Materials International (PMI), a New York-based corporation serving energy storage, structural ceramic and electronic materials markets. PMI, founded in 1996, has a preeminent reputation in the lithium-ion battery market as an informed and innovative partner in supplying the highest-reliability raw materials, tools, and equipment to make cutting-edge electrochemical cells for a variety of consumer, industrial and aerospace applications.

PMI joins UMC’s Deposition Products Group in Lyndhurst, NJ. The company confirms that all Pred vendors have enthusiastically signed on to support UMC in continuing the Pred line of products. Alexandre Leviant, CEO of ICD Group, the parent company of UMC, expressed his enthusiasm for the successful transaction. “The acquisition of Pred Materials enhances UMC’s position as a leading solution provider to the evolving high tech industry. We are incredibly proud to be in partnership with Pred Materials and to continue offering their elite customer base exceptional service and state-of-the-art product innovations.”

Many advanced electronic part makers rely on PMI’s specialized raw materials, which are vital to ultra-high performance end-products. Companies turn to PMI to find sources of hard-to-find materials and to identify solutions to complex problems in the lab and on production floors: as an indication of PMI’s reputation for product reliability, PMI founder Steve Pred proudly notes that his company was chosen to supply the cathode powder used in all Mars Rover and Lander vehicle lithium-ion batteries.

UMC’s Deposition Products Group has been a leading supplier of high purity source material to the semiconductor industry and complimentary technologies for more than 35 years. World-wide sourcing and supply chain management enables manufacturers and researchers to efficiently purchase material. The Acquisition of Pred Materials International fits in well with the customer base of the Deposition products group and is an additional resource for collective purchasing.

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