Soteria reorients consortium to wholistic lithium-ion battery safety and launches content platform to support shift

The lithium-ion battery industry is suffering from battery fire safety issues—from recalls of wearables and electric vehicles to hundreds of micro mobility battery fires plaguing urban environments. Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG) is committed to help the industry address these issues. A key piece will be to work with the industry to identify and promote safety solutions, regardless of the source, resulting in a wholistic approach to battery safety.

To support this, Soteria has launched a battery safety content platform, available to consortium members, that will serve as a repository of information on all things lithium-ion battery safety. From technologies to educational content, technical reports and more, all designed to support the lithium-ion battery safety across the supply chain. Results of Soteria’s battery safety projects, including the E-bike Battery Safety Project, will also be available to the Consortium through the platform. “There are many innovative technologies already in the market that address lithium-ion battery safety. Reorienting the consortium and building the platform will help propagate those solutions so that lives can be saved and the industry can grow in confidence,” said Brian Morin, Co-founder and CEO of Soteria.

The Soteria BIG Consortium is a global, open-innovation network that fosters an open dialogue around battery safety while leveraging a global ecosystem to bring battery safety best practices to the world. Soteria BIG Consortium members partner to provide innovative solutions and best practices for battery safety at the material, cell, pack and device-level. When asked about the restructure and launch of the content platform, Amy Brinson, Global Consortium Director, stated “The problem is so important that we wanted to use technology to disseminate information as quickly and broadly as possible so it can be used to solve problems in real time.”

For companies looking to join the Consortium and gain access to the platform, there are 4 options—Kilowatt, Megawatt, Gigawatt, and Terawatt Access. The Kilowatt Access level is the “Observer” level designed to get your foot in the door with network access. Megawatt, for the “Evaluator”, and Gigawatt, for the “Developer”, serve as middle tiers for companies looking to explore collaborations and project opportunities. And finally, the Terawatt level is designed for the “Scaler”, looking to build commercialization and guide the Consortium as the top-tiered membership.

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