Husqvarna Group launches 525i battery series with performance meeting 25cc petrol units

Husqvarna is charging into the future with the launch of its 525i Battery Series product line that features a powerful new string trimmer and two dedicated edgers engineered to produce high-precision results while meeting the demands of daily use.

All 525i Battery Series products are equipped with a Husqvarna E-Torq motor which supplies the power needed to meet the performance of 25cc petrol equivalents while exceeding them in torque. A metal skid-plate over the gearbox protects the machine from daily wear and tear and accidental drops. All-day comfort is also top-of-mind as each machine includes ergonomically placed rubber grips for a more comfortable workday. Additionally, the series is IPX4 certified for weather resistance so users can operate the equipment rain or shine.

The Husqvarna 525i Battery Series product line includes:

  • 525iLST (String Trimmer): The 525iLST String Trimmer is a robust, high-performance professional battery grass trimmer that’s lightweight, well-balanced and achieves both a clean and precise cut. Designed for full-time use and complete with largest-in-class* 18.1″ cutting diameter, this trimmer is also equipped with a metal skid plate to protect the motor from daily wear and tear.
  • 525iES (Straight-shaft Edger): The 525iES Straight-shaft Edger has plenty of power to tear through harder dirt (with high clay content) and grass daily without getting bogged down.  The 525iES has an 8″ standard steel blade which gives landscapers the ability to cut clean, crisp lines in the grass and dirt against solid perimeters. This battery edger offers a comfortable loop handle and intuitive keypad with a 3-speed mode and battery status indicator.
  • 525iECS (Curved-shaft Edger): The 525iECS Curved-shaft Edger features a faster blade speed that’s nearly double the speed of a straight edger, making it an ideal tool for lighter-duty edging. The offset design also gives the operator a better view of the blade and while deflecting debris.

With noise and emission regulations rapidly changing in North America, we are delivering a portfolio of battery-powered handheld tools that not only meet these new requirements, but also meet the performance of petrol products landscapers depend on,” said Carlos Haddad, Vice President of North America, Professional Products at Husqvarna Group. “Husqvarna is ushering in the future of professional outdoor maintenance equipment with battery equipment and a suite of solutions to charge, store and transport the batteries needed to power a landscaper’s fleet of tools.

To complement the innovative 525i Series line of tools, Husqvarna is also releasing an overnight charging rail to help landscape and greenspace professionals charge up to eight batteries, in parallel on one plug. The Husqvarna 40-C80 Charging Rail charges batteries slowly overnight, helping to support a longer lifetime for the batteries. The charging rail can also be mounted on a workshop or trailer wall to keep workspaces clear and organized.

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