Showa Denko installs equipment to mass-produce new pouch cell packaging films

Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd. (SPA), a consolidated subsidiary of Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) (TOKYO: 4004), has developed a new product to be added to the lineup of SPALFTM aluminum laminate film which is used as packaging material for pouch-type lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), and decided to install equipment to mass-produce the new product. This new product is specialized for large-sized LIBs, which are mainly used for cars. Operation of the new production equipment is scheduled to be started in March, 2021.

SPALFTM is laminated composite film consisting of resin films and aluminum foil, and is mainly used as packaging material for pouch-type LIBs. SPALFTM has a large market share in the world due to its excellent insulation performance and superb plasticity. Pouch-type LIBs have outstanding flexibility in shaping. Therefore, they are used in many kinds of small devices including smartphones and tablets. Moreover, in recent years, pouch-type LIBs have begun to be widely used in large-sized equipment including EVs because pouch-type LIBs’ high quality has been widely recognized and there has been considerable progress in verification of pouch-type LIBs’ safety. Since development of EVs is in progress not only in China but also in Europe and the demand for pouch-type LIBs has been increasing, this time the Showa Denko Group has developed a new type of SPALFTM for large-sized LIBs and decided to install equipment to mass-produce the new product.

The Showa Denko Group’s Vision is to make itself a “KOSEIHA Company” (a group of KOSEIHA Businesses that can maintain profitability and stability at high levels over a long period). The global demand for LIBs (in electrical capacitance) is expected to increase 30% a year until 2025*. The Showa Denko Group produces and sells various LIB materials with distinguishing advantages, such as SPALFTM, VGCFTM additives for anode/cathode materials, and POLYSOLTM aqueous binding resin. By increasing sales of these LIB materials, the Group will aim to contribute to the growth of LIB market and improvement in functions of LIBs, and make the Group’s LIB materials business grow to be established as a KOSEIHA Business in the field of advanced battery materials.

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