Pattern and Dynexus collaborate to advance battery diagnostics using Pattern Discovery

Pattern Computer®, Inc. (Pattern) – a Seattle-area AI company bridging the current gaps in machine learning to deliver breakthrough discoveries using its proprietary Pattern Discovery Engine™ – and Dynexus Technology, Inc. (Dynexus) a leader in battery sensing solutions and data-driven battery intelligence, have announced a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to integrate Dynexus Technology’s actionable battery performance and health sensors with Pattern Computer’s next generation of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The collaboration will initially be focused on lithium-ion cell quality control and end-of-line verification, as well as module and pack diagnostics and prognostics, enabling multiple opportunities to reduce total cost and improve quality control, safety, and reliability of battery systems.

To achieve today’s aggressive electrification goals, battery assets and the platforms they power must be safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable. Working together, Pattern and Dynexus will enable efficient markets to safely buy and sell “retired” mobility battery assets across multiple applications, reducing waste and prolonging battery service life.

The Pattern team has developed a new, innovative, end-to-end system, the Pattern Discovery Engine™, (PDE™) for generating new hypotheses and insights from highly dimensional data. The PDE™ discovers novel patterns in complex data that cannot be discovered using conventional analytical techniques, algorithms, or tools.

Results are displayed in clear, human readable format, and in a manner that illustrates that Explainable AI (XAI) is real, functional, and ready for use in making complex diagnostic and prognostic decisions.

Pattern Computer’s PDE™ with integrated XAI capabilities is the first and only analytical platform that transforms the AI “Black Box” into a Glass Box and makes all the predictions and insights completely transparent.

We are looking forward to working with Dynexus to transform the utility and life cycle profiles of lithium batteries, all as part of a larger commitment by Pattern to bring our Pattern Discovery Engines and Explainable AI to the most important problems challenging the world today. Together, our two companies can make a real difference in the safety and reliability of the batteries behind the next-generation electrical revolution,” said Mark R. Anderson, Chair and CEO of Pattern Computer.

Dynexus Technology’s award winning Inline Rapid Impedance Spectroscopy (iRIS®) sensors generates near real-time, rich, frequency-based battery data that provide information about the state of the battery physico-chemistry. The Dynexus sensor “looks” inside the battery and generates a “fingerprint” or signature that uniquely describes a battery’s health, stability, and degradation.

The award-winning iRIS® technology was developed by the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and Montana Technological University. Dynexus licensed the technology across all domains to acquire worldwide rights to the R&D 100 award-winning sensor.

We are excited to work with the global leader in pattern discovery to enable advanced diagnostics and prognostics for lithium-ion batteries,” said David Sorum, CEO of Dynexus Technology. “Together with Pattern Computer, we can unlock the power of battery impedance data ensuring that batteries can be trusted as a safe, predictable and sustainable commodity throughout their lifecycle, from formation through recycling.”

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