Power2Drive Europe 2023: XCHARGE showcases ultra-fast DC Charger C7 and revolutionary battery-integrated Net Zero Series

XCHARGE will present its new EV charging stations at “Charging the Future of Mobility“, the Power2Drive Europe 2023 show (from June 14 to 16 in Munich/German).

The ultra-fast DC charger C7 with its barrier-free design is especially suitable for use in public spaces and – thanks to its additional advertisement screen as a press release states – offers attractive marketable options. The DC charger with integrated battery storage, Net Zero Series, is truly revolutionary. Thanks to its low-power input and high-power output, it can support peak shaving and help stabilizing the grid. XCHARGE’s product portfolio is aimed at CPOs (Charging Point Operators), fleet managers, parking providers, public transport companies, or public authorities.

The Power2Drive Forum in Hall B6 will include a talk by an XCharge expert in the session “Fast vs. Slow Charging: Pros & Cons”: On Wednesday, June 14 at 2pm, Albina Iljasov, Head of Sales and Business Development – Europe, will speak about “Fast Charging With Integrated Battery Storage – Reducing Cost and Stabilizing the Grid”.

XCHARGE’s Net Zero Series with integrated 233kWh battery storage (expandable to 466kWh) can simultaneously charge up to two electric vehicles. The solution is highly deployable due to the installation via industrial plug. Thanks to its low-power input of only 30/60kW it eliminates the need for an additional transformer center. Furthermore, the Net Zero Series enables peak shaving: The battery can be charged during periods of low energy demand and is then available as a source during peak times. The smart charger uses a built-in 19-inch screen as intuitive user interface which provides information on battery and charging status.

The ultra-fast DC charger C7 can charge two vehicles quickly and simultaneously with up to 420kW. Its compact and barrier-free design makes it easily accessible for every EV driver. An extra 21.5-inch screen can be customized e.g., with additional marketable advertising, while LED lights on the housing enhance attention to the station. The ultra-fast DC charger C7 from XCHARGE meets all technical and construction specifications required in European countries.

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