New health benchmark for Water Gremlin’s solvent

Water Gremlin Company, the US battery terminal manufacturer, is now offering products with non-VOC (volatile organic compounds) coatings which are known as Gremlin Green.

Water Gremlin, a subsidiary of Okabe CO., LTD, Japan, was censured and fined last year by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for affecting the local air quality through the use of trichloroethylene to clean parts before assembly. Since January, Water Gremlin has stopped using TCE and its use is likely to be banned shortly for across the state.

Kurt Gifford, vice president of sales at Water Gremlin, says impressions of the firm have changed over recent months. “In these uncharted times of Covid-19, there was once a push to shut down operations at Water Gremlin, we are now considered an essential business supplying terminals to back up storage batteries and even the ventilators in the medical industry.”

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