Narada, US cooperation agreement for an energy storage project

After nearly a year of technical preparations, in 2020 Narada Power Source Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, China, signed a cooperation agreement with a US company to build a 55MW photovoltaic plant with energy storage system.

The first batch of energy storage systems was completed a few days ago, and the final commissioning and assembly will be completed in the next month.

In recent years, the amount of solar power generation in the United States has continued to grow. However, with the rapid increase of renewable energy generation, the intermittent and unpredictable nature of photovoltaic and wind power causes short-term deviations in power supply and demand, which in turn leads to unstable power grid operation quality, especially large frequency fluctuations. The grid’s demand for frequency modulation is accelerating.

Compared with traditional thermal power unit frequency modulation, battery energy storage systems have obvious economic and social benefits due to their high frequency modulation efficiency, fast response speed, relatively low cost, and more environmentally friendly features.

Narada’s US photovoltaic energy storage project uses Narada pre-installed modular lithium iron phosphate energy storage technology with an installed capacity of 55MW.

The energy storage system will be essential in local frequency modulation and grid service response, improving the quality of photovoltaic grid connection, optimizing the operation of the grid, reducing the cost of electricity for consumers, and providing emergency power supply after an emergency such as a hurricane or tropical storm.

Due to the importance of the US energy storage market, the requirement for quality inverters and batteries in North America is high; the country has extremely strict safety requirements for the entire energy storage system.

Narada’s MW-class container-type lithium battery energy storage system applied for and obtained UL9540 and UL9540A certifications.

Narada has also designed a unique cooling system for the system, to solve the pin-points of large-scale indoor lithium battery cooling, heat dissipation and temperature uniformity of the energy storage system, improving the energy efficiency ratio for customers, reducing power consumption.


According to Mr. Xiang Haifeng, Deputy General Manager of Narada Energy Internet Corporation, the photovoltaic-energy storage project in the US is the first pre-fabricated transportation and installation project of Narada, saving 50% of transportation costs and reduce installation costs by 90%, and allowing the development of large-scale installations.

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