LOHUM expands to United Arab Emirates with the first EV Battery Recycling Plant

Lithium-ion battery recycler LOHUM Cleantech has unveiled its strategic plans to expand its presence in the UAE market through the establishment of the country’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Recycling plant. This collaborative venture involves key partners such as the ministry of energy and infrastructure, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the BEEAH group.

The proposed facility, spanning 80,000 square feet, will be dedicated to the refurbishment and recycling of Lithium batteries within the UAE. It is anticipated that, on an annual basis, the plant will recycle 3,000 tons of Lithium-ion batteries and convert fifteen megawatt-hours of battery capacity into sustainable Energy Storage Systems (ESS). The ambitious effort is expected to address over 80% of the current projected demands for EV battery management.

In alignment with the UAE’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, LOHUM’s facility is poised to contribute significantly to environmental sustainability by saving an estimated 30,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The initiative is well-aligned with the UAE Circular Economy Policy 2021-2031, the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, and the nation’s commitments for COP28.

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