KULR and Cirba Solutions partner on Li-ion packaging and transport for recycling

KULR Technology Group and Cirba Solutions, a battery materials and management processor for end-of-life EV batteries and gigafactory manufacturing scrap, are collaborating to develop a safe transportation platform for original equipment manufacturers to store and transport prototype, end of life, damaged, defective, and recalled lithium-ion batteries up to 2.5 kWh (kilowatt-hours) by utilizing KULR’s SafeCASE and Cirba Solutions’ nationwide logistics and recycling services.

The collaboration between KULR and Cirba Solutions is an exclusive nationwide program for consumer lithium-ion batteries focused on sustainability, for responsible and compliant recycling in the United States. The large-scale deployment of KULR’s SafeCASE product is set for immediate delivery while the ongoing partnership is expected to yield additional products and solutions developed together over time to meet the requirements of Cirba Solutions customers.

KULR’s fire-resistant SafeCASE, along with the company’s SafeSLEEVE, are part of its patented SafeX product line, that will serve Cirba Solutions’ customers with a comprehensive solution available in customized form factors and configurations for the safe storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries depending on the customer’s requirements.

For more than 30 years, Cirba Solutions has demonstrated its capabilities in collection, logistics and processing for all batteries. Cirba Solutions now provides the only vertically integrated solution for customers: a true traceable option enabling the circular battery supply chain.

“The need to safely transport lithium-ion batteries is critical to increasing recycling rates and building a circular battery framework in the US. The SafeCASE design provides safe transportation and storage for lithium-ion batteries up to 2.5 kWh in a form that is easy to use for customers. The focus on a reusability feature makes the solution both cost effective and sustainable.”, says Jay Wago, Chief Commercial Officer of Cirba Solutions.

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