Amprius successfully completes safe cell development program for the U.S. Army

Amprius Technologies, Inc., a leader in next-generation lithium-ion batteries with its Silicon Anode Platform, has announced the successful completion of a critical technology development program in collaboration with the U.S. Army. The program successfully delivered Amprius’ 390 Wh/kg safe cells with a gel polymer electrolyte, passing the rigorous Military Performance Specification Nail Penetration Test per the requirements of section of the MIL-PRF-32383 (Military Performance Specification). When integrated into a battery pack, this cutting-edge technology more than doubles the energy density of existing solutions, significantly extending mission time.

Concurrently, Amprius has achieved significant progress in its Army-funded Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program, an industrial preparedness program focused on addressing Army-wide manufacturing requirements. The company has successfully achieved its manufacturing milestone for mass production processes. The completion of the manufacturing technology development initiative under ManTech includes the delivery of safe cells for battery packs that merge technology for mass production with a mission-critical product, thereby facilitating large-scale deployments. Amprius remains committed to working closely with its partner, Inventus Power, to deliver these Conformal Wearable Batteries (“CWB”) packs to the US Army before the end of 2023.

“We take immense pride in the successful completion of our technology development program for the US Army soldiers’ central power source, the CWB,” said Dr. Kang Sun, CEO at Amprius Technologies. “This accomplishment solidifies our commitment to delivering innovative battery solutions that surpass industry standards and address the evolving needs of our armed forces. At Amprius, our teams in Fremont, California, are committed to delivering state-of-the-art technologies that provide game-changing performance for our soldiers.”

These advancements are part of a larger program (U.S. Department of Defense Contract), which outlined Inventus Power as a participant in a competition to supply conformal wearable batteries to the U.S. Army. This program represents a significant opportunity, with a total value of $1.25 billion through 2030.

The Amprius team is honored to have collaborated with the U.S. Army on this critical initiative. This accomplishment further reinforces Amprius’ position as a leading provider of advanced battery solutions for mission-critical applications.

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