HPQ Silicon announces the delivery of first batch silicon material samples to world-leading High-Performance Material Company

HPQ Silicon Inc., a technology company engaged in green engineering processes for producing silica and silicon material, informs shareholders of the delivery of samples produced from its – silicon-based battery materials initiatives.

The first batch samples of micron size 4N+ Silicon powder materials were delivered to a world-leading High-Performance Material Company (“HPMC”) under NDA as per a request from last year as indicated in our February 8, 2022, release. Following industry business competitive practices and in accordance with the terms of the NDA, the identity of the HPMC must remain confidential.

4N+ Silicon is an essential material used as feedstock to produce high-value Silicon materials like Silicon Nitride (Si3N4).

Silicon nitride is widely used for manufacturing advanced high-tech materials that resist incredibly high temperatures, are robust but precise, act as electrical insulators, resist wetting by non-ferrous metal melts, and withstand corrosive and high wear environments, high mechanical stresses, and thermal shock. 4N+ Silicon is very important for large-scale industrial applications.

To produce the sample materials according to the specifications needed by HPMC, the team at Novacium diligently took advantage of an equipment validation test using commercially available technologies.

Being able to send samples for valuation to HPMC is a very important milestone for our new Silicon-based battery material Initiative,” said Bernard Tourillon, President, and CEO HPQ Silicon. “HPMC will share crucial data on our samples and industry feedback as we work with them to potentially become one of their 4N+ Silicon powder suppliers.

The original plan was not to produce any powder samples until we could use the high-purity Silicon (Si) material from our PUREVAPTM Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR) pilot plant as feedstock. But as our confidence grew regarding the QRR’s capacity to produce 4N+ Si, we are now focused on building a capability to deliver products to potential clients as soon as possible to gain market share.


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