Graphite, NeoGraf launches thermal management range

NeoGraf Solutions LLC, Lakewood, Ohio, a developer and manufacturer of natural and synthetic graphite sheets and powders, has launched NeoNxGen Thermal Management Solutions, a family of thick, single layer flexible graphite solutions, reports.

NeoNxGen advanced flexible graphite heat spreaders have the high thermal conductivity of synthetic graphite yet are much thicker than traditional synthetic products. Today, many modern electronics devices require multiple layers of synthetic graphite to function properly, according to Jon Taylor, NeoGraf product manager.

He said: “These multiple layers are complicated to manufacture, expensive, and generate excessive scrap during the lamination process.”

NeoNxGen flexible graphite spreads a large amount of heat with a single layer and is thin enough to fit in the allowable space of modern electronics.

NeoNxGen flexible graphite has the thermal conductivity of synthetic graphite (900W/mK to 1100 W/mK). It exhibits repeated flexibility characteristics, and can be used with foldable displays, or other applications where the product will be repeatedly flexed and bent.

NeoNxGen flexible graphite is designed to compete against multiple layers of synthetic graphite that have been laminated together into a stack. This product provides a high level of heat spreading using a single layer of graphite.

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