Forsee Power launches ZEN PLUS, a new offer of ultra-modular heavy-duty Battery Systems with ultra-high energy density

Forsee Power the expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility, is launching a new range of high value-added battery systems, ZEN PLUS, which will equip heavy electric vehicles (buses, off-road vehicles, special trucks).

To meet the needs of manufacturers in the Group’s target markets (buses, non-road vehicles, trains, boats) and to offer ever greater autonomy to vehicles, Forsee Power engineers have developed a new format of ZEN batteries with very high energy density. Already available in packs from of 8 to 42 kWh, Forsee Power’s ZEN offer now includes ZEN PLUS format for more on-board energy.

The offer comprises of 5 new batteries with energies ranging from 74 kWh to 84 kWh: ZEN 74, ZEN 77, ZEN 79, ZEN 82, and ZEN 84, in a single format thanks to the integration of lithium-ion NMC VDA modules capable of delivering high performance. The excellent energy density of 180 Wh/kg allows the vehicles to circulate during a full day of operations in complete autonomy, while optimizing the available volumes: on the roof or at the rear of the vehicles.

ZEN PLUS is the first pack on the market offering the ability to perfectly adjust the voltage and energy to the needs of the system; it can support both 650V motorizations and 800V motorizations within a same battery format. In addition, the innovative ZEN PLUS reduces costs by increasing the volume of purchases (casing, cells also included in the SLIM offer) thus offering a very competitive option to OEMs.

Combined with high-performance liquid thermal management capable of addressing all climatic zones – even the most contrasting ones – the NMC lithium-ion cells offer a lifetime of 5,000 cycles to Forsee Power’s new ZEN PLUS offer, allowing an ultra-competitive total cost of ownership (TCO).

In addition, Forsee Power’s operational safety engineers supported the development of this new offer by ensuring that it complies with the most stringent industry standards, including ISO 26262 / ASIL C, ISO 12405, IEC 62660, IEC 60664, plus the latest R10-6 and R100 rev3 certification standards.

Eco-design is at the heart of Forsee Power’s R&D policy. These new packs not only ensure a very competitive lifespan, they are also designed to facilitate repairability. As an example, the detachable BMS block on the front of the battery pack allows an easy access to the electronics. Also, at the end of their first life, ZEN PLUS batteries can be used in stationary energy storage systems for several more years.

The Forsee Power group has a strong industrial presence, sized to meet the needs of its customers worldwide. Manufacturing sites in Europe (France and Poland) and Asia (China and India) host automated battery assembly lines whose production capacities – currently 1 GWh – are increasing every year to meet the growing demand for electrification of heavy and light vehicles. The Group also announced its ambition to open an industrial site in the United States by the end of the year.

This industrial footprint allows the Group to locate the production of its batteries as close as possible to its customers’ assembly plants, significantly reducing the carbon footprint linked to transport and limiting delivery costs and times. These four production sites also provide battery maintenance services, in addition to remote diagnostic devices.

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