Aston Martin to develop high performance battery technology with Britishvolt

Aston Martin will develop bespoke high-performance battery cell technology alongside Britishvolt. The collaboration, formalized in a Memorandum of Understanding, further supports the ultra-luxury manufacturer’s plans to launch its first battery-electric vehicle in 2025.

The collaboration with Britishvolt, the UK’s leading investor in lithium-ion battery cell technologies, brings together UK engineering leaders to create the next generation of cell and battery technology designed specifically for high-performance cars.

A joint research and development team from Aston Martin and Britishvolt will design, develop, and industrialize battery packs, including bespoke modules and a battery management system. The two organizations will work together to maximize the capability of special cylindrical high-performance cells being developed by Britishvolt for use in high-performance Aston Martin electric vehicles.

Aston Martin’s first plug-in hybrid—the mid-engine supercar Valhalla—will commence deliveries in early 2024. By 2026, all new Aston Martin product lines will have an electrified powertrain option, with a target for its core portfolio to be fully electrified by 2030.

The collaboration with Britishvolt is complementary to Aston Martin’s strategic technology agreement with Mercedes-Benz AG. Any investment will be funded by existing capital expenditure commitments to developing electric vehicles.

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