Delta Electronics to purchase Canadian software firm Trihedral

Delta Electronics Inc., the Taiwan-based power management solutions provider, has signed an agreement to acquire Canadian software firm Trihedral Engineering Ltd to bolster its smart production efforts, it said on Saturday.

Delta said in a statement that it would acquire Trihedral for C$45 million (US$32.68 million) through its 100 percent-owned subsidiary Delta Electronics (Netherlands) BV.

Trihedral specializes in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and industrial Internet of Things software, which would strengthen Delta’s hardware offerings in fast-growing areas such as automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics, it said.

“The collection, monitoring and analyzing of data are critical to Delta’s two major growth engines of the future — smart manufacturing and smart cities. Trihedral has designed and sold market leading SCADA software for more than 30 years, in the segments of water and wastewater, oil and gas, energy and more,” Delta president and chief operating officer Simon Chang said.

“Their unwavering focus on enhancing the SCADA platform for its present use and for use in new markets, including smart manufacturing, aligns perfectly with Delta’s long-term strategy,” Chang said. “The synergy of the two companies will quickly create unique solutions for our strategic global markets.”

Trihedral president Glenn Wadden said that the firm has long served thousands of first-tier customers in North America and the UK, and has now set its sights on new markets such as China, other Asian nations and Europe.

“We are looking forward to taking advantage of Delta’s global operation and business strengths to continue our rapid growth in the SCADA sector. This will include our capabilities to provide real value to customers of Industry 4.0 and smart city infrastructure,” Wadden said in a statement.

Trihedral, founded in 1986, also creates VTScada software, a complete SCADA software suite and associated engineering services.

With customers in more than 100 countries, Trihedral’s VTScada software has comprehensive functionality and can be connected to multinational sites and factories through the Internet by a distributed fault-tolerant network of multiple servers, Delta said.

Trihedral’s products are widely used in large power, water treatment, and oil and gas industries in North America, Delta added.

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