Tesmec all electric underground cable laying machine

Tesmec has recently launched the new PE1250, a full electric machine with no heat engine on board, battery storage (LiFePO4) and plug-in charging system. 

These projects require specific features especially in urban area where the different regulation systems over the last few years have introduced stricter limitations regarding emission levels and almost zero noise reduction levels.

Designed for urban cable laying and pipe rehabilitation projects, the machine makes no noise as there is no diesel engine. Furthermore, all hydraulic components such as motors, pumps and valves, have been replaced by electric ones so there is no oil at all on board.

Cutting-edge technology

Similarly to the new range of diesel underground cable laying machines, the PE1250 is also equipped with new digital technology. The new human machine interface is developed to simplify stringing operations, this new digital technology eliminates most of the instruments and devices installed on the previous control panel.

The strategy to invest on new solutions to reduce the environmental impact of machines, is a consequence of our mission to provide solutions to drive growth and modernization supplying of integrated solutions for Energy and Data Transport.

Today we are ready to face the new challenge presented by the green approach.

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