Viessmann adds Wallbox to PV-battery-heat pump package

Viessmann has integrated a Wallbox into its hybrid energy system, which features photovoltaics, battery storage, and a heat pump. The product has a charging capacity of 11 kW (three-phase) and is equipped with a 7.5-meter “Type 2” charging cable. An integrated Measurement Instruments Directive (MID) counter enables charging processes for company vehicles to be billed.

The Wallbox can be integrated into the house’s energy management system via the Viessmann One Base platform, whose Green Charging function allows charging with solar power alone. The Mixed Charging mode also allows electric vehicles to be charged quickly with grid electricity and solar power. Customers can monitor the system via an app.

The German heating specialist has also launched a new sub-distribution system to link the individual components of the package. It says the pre-assembled sub-distribution system offers all the necessary electrical pre-wiring and fuses for a three-phase “Viessmann One Base” energy system. The sub-distribution system can also be used to integrate additional components at a later stage, says the company.

Viessmann recommends using “Adminprofi,” a digital application assistant for its electricity-based systems. All of the necessary information can be provided within just a few minutes, as there is no need for time-consuming communication with the network operator, says the company.

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