Victron Energy releases a new version of its Venus OS

In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, normal things do continue and last Tuesday Victron Energy has released a new version of Venus OS – the software at the heart of GX Product range.

According to the company, Venus OS v2.52 has one main change:

BYD Premium LV batteries

BYD has launched their new Premium LV batteries, suitable for both on- and off-grid applications. Premium LVS capacity ranges from 3.8kWh to 245 kWh, and the Premium LVL is scalable from 15.4 kWh to 983 kWh.

Venus OS v2.52 contains the necessary changes to make these new models work well together with Victron equipment. We’ll be updating the BYD & Victron information manual shortly.

Other changes & how to update

The other change includes a fix for the Grid alarm which reduces the likelihood of an alarm being triggered temporarily when the user switches the Inverter/Charger off and on. Note that there are still situations where switching the Inverter/Charger off and then on will trigger the grid alarm. This relates to grid codes and mandatory waiting times of up to 60 seconds. Victron Energy will fix that properly in a future release.

You can find information about how to install the new version of Venus OS here. For the full changelog, including previous releases, visit Victron Professional.

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