VERKOR and AURA AERO join forces to develop a battery for electric aviation

Verkor, Grenoble, France, and AURA AERO, Cugnaux, France, have signed a memorandum of understanding and a partnership to develop and manufacture batteries for electric aviation.

Verkor was founded in July 2020 to fast-track France and Europe’s battery-manufacturing capacity, to address the European market. The next 10 years will see batteries play a key role in decarbonising transport and how energy is used, and will have a tremendous impact across all industries. Verkor is keeping in step with these major societal trends by working with European partners that are set to make remarkable technological and social headway to accelerate the energy transition.

The green shift in aviation and industry players’ decarbonisation efforts are a perfect match for Verkor’s ambitions, the company said. AURA AERO, France’s leading digital and eco-efficient aircraft manufacturer, is making headway on the electric aviation market. For the founders of the Toulouse-based company, industrialising battery technology for the aviation sector is a clear necessity: while there are currently numerous electric systems in place for mobility, they all fall short of meeting the specific needs of electric aviation in terms of power and range. Verkor and Aura Aero will work together to synergise their developments to create a baseline technology that is adapted to the sector and can be taken to an industrial-scale. This strong and dynamic partnership will pay special attention to matters of sustainable development — namely recycling, supply-chain traceability and a reduced carbon footprint — which is one of Verkor’s core values.

“Verkor’s is driven first and foremost by its intention to curb the environmental impact of mobility and be part of the green shift. Our partnership with AURA AERO is a first step towards electrifying the aviation industry, which will be essential to decarbonising air transport. My time at Airbus taught me the challenges of the aviation industry, and so I am delighted that Verkor can be part of this technological evolution”, said Benoit Lemaignan, CEO and co-founder of Verkor.

“VERKOR is based on the same values as AURA AERO: innovation, traceability and respect of the environment. By bringing together our technologies, we will be able to launch the industrialization of our electric aircraft, while VERKOR will gain access to the aeronautical market. It is a win-win partnership, and most of all it is a new step towards the aviation of tomorrow, low-carbon aviation”, commented Jérémy Caussade, CEO and co-foundeur of AURA AERO.

About Verkor

Founded in July 2020, Verkor is a new French industrial company based in Grenoble whose purpose is to boost battery production in France. With the backing of EIT InnoEnergy, Schneider Electric, GROUPE IDEC and Capgemini, Verkor will ramp up low-carbon battery production in southern Europe to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles and stationary storage. Boasting a growing team of 25, Verkor aims to launch its pilot line in 2022, and build a gigafactory by 2024.


AURA AERO, the first digital and eco-efficient aeronautical manufacturer, industrializes disruptive technologies for the aviation of tomorrow, by combining the best of the aeronautical industry and digital technologies. The company designs and manufactures aircraft with unrivalled efficiency, on the growing market of eco-efficient and low-carbon emission vehicles. Founded in 2018, AURA AERO is based in Toulouse-Francazal and employs some 40 people.

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