VanadiumCorp reports final Davis Tube testwork results at Lac Doré, Québec

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc., Vancouver, Canada, (TSX-V: “VRB”) has released the final results from Davis Tube** magnetic separation testwork carried out on composite drill core samples from the Company’s summer-fall 2019 infill and extension drilling program at its Lac Doré Vanadium property. The results are for 53 composite samples of vanadiferous titanomagnetite (VTM) mineralization taken from 21 drill holes. Vanadium grades in the magnetite concentrates extracted from the composite samples range from 0.79% V2O5 over 14.2 m* in sample DTS-30 which contains 42.6% magnetics to 1.68 % V2O5 over 4.5 m* in sample DTS-25 which contains 14.7% magnetics.

The Lac Doré Vanadium property is located 27 km east-southeast from the city of Chibougamau, in Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory, Northern Québec, Canada. The Chibougamau area is host to several deposits, including the Southwest and Armitage deposits on the adjacent Blackrock property (Black Rock Mining Inc.) and the South and North Zone deposits on the Mont Sorcier project to the North (Vanadium One Iron Corp). The 2019 drill program targeted the Company’s Lac Doré Vanadium prospect where historical drilling and surface channel sampling conducted between 1958 and 2013 have revealed the presence within property limits of massive, semi-massive and disseminated bands of VTM mineralization along a 2-km long by 200-m wide and minimum 200 m deep corridor.

The Lac Doré Vanadium property lies on the southern flank of the Lac Doré anorthosite complex of Chibougamau and straddles the layered magmatic zone, which hosts the VTM mineralization. This layered magmatic zone has been traced by historical geophysics, drilling and mapping over a linear distance of 20 km.


  • Davis Tube magnetic separation testwork on composite samples of VTM mineralized core from drill holes LD-19-006, LD-19-007, LD-19-008, LD-19-009, LD-19-010, LD-19-011, LD-19-012, LD-19-013, LD-19-014, LD-19-015, LD-19-018, LD-19-020, LD-19-021, LD-19-026, LD-19-027, LD-19-028, LD-19-030, LD-19-031, LD-19-032, LD-19-035, LD-19-036 (Table 1) show magnetite contents ranging from ~4% to 62%;
  • Vanadium grades of magnetite concentrates obtained from Davis Tube magnetic separation  range from 0.79% V2O5 to 1.68 % V2O5
  • Davis Tube results are consistent with previously reported results, showing that lower (P1 or P0) stratigraphic units have elevated V2O5 in the magnetite concentrate (typically >1.5% V2O5) whereas the upper unit (P3) has lower V2O5 in the concentrate (typically <1.0%V2O5).

Adriaan Bakker, President and CEO of VanadiumCorp, states: “We’re pleased to announce these final Davis Tube test results from our 2019-2020 program at the Lac Doré Main vanadium prospect, which continue to show consistent VTM-bearing zones where magnetite concentrate grades exceed  1.5% V2O5 over. We look forward to completing the maiden Mineral Resource Estimate for the project in the coming months, which is the next important milestone in the development of this exciting vanadium opportunity.”

Davis Tube testwork results HERE

True thickness. True thicknesses have been estimated by assuming a dip of the layering of 70° to the SE, and the plunge of the drill hole towards the NW (-45° for LD-19-006, LD-19-007, LD-19-008, LD-19-010, LD-19-012, LD-19-014, LD-19-018, LD-19-021, LD-19-032 and LD-19-036, -50 for LD-19-009 and LD-19-015, -55 for LD-19-011, LD-19-031, LD-19-035, and -60 for LD-19-013, LD-19-020, LD-19-026, LD-19-027, LD-19-028 and LD-19-030).

**A Davis Tube is a laboratory instrument designed to separate small samples of strongly magnetic ores into strongly magnetic and weakly magnetic fractions. It has become a standard laboratory equipment used for the assessment of the separability of magnetic ores by low-intensity magnetic separators. It was developed in 1921 and  no significant changes have been made in its design since then. The separator consists of an inclined tube 25 mm in diameter, placed between pole-tips of an electromagnet. Material to lie separated is passed through the tube; the strongly magnetic fraction is held by the magnetic field while the weakly magnetic material is washed down the tube.

About VanadiumCorp Resource Inc.

VanadiumCorp is an integrated technology and mining company focused on developing the exclusive supply chain for vanadium-based energy storage and emerging technologies that utilize vanadium. VanadiumCorp owns 100% of two of the most coveted, undeveloped primary vanadium-rich magnetite resources rich in iron and titanium. The company has also co-developed process technology that can unlock maximum metal value with renewable energy from most vanadium bearing feedstocks as well as flow battery technology that can utilize vanadium indefinitely. VanadiumCorp’s key vanadium mining assets are located in mining-friendly Quebec, Canada including the 100% owned Lac Doré Project adjacent to Blackrock Mining Inc. and the 100% owned Iron-T Project located near the Glencore (Bracemac-McLeod) Matagami Copper-Zinc Mine.

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