Valmet Automotive introduces Modular Battery Platform to electrify off-highway

Valmet Automotive introduces its own Modular Battery Platform product family with the first solution: the Modular Power Pack. With this platform, Valmet Automotive offers a benchmark electrification solution to off-highway and truck & bus OEMs as well as integrators. The Modular Battery Platform provides a unique combination of performance, integration flexibility, lifetime and competitive pricing.

The Power Pack copes with all potential power application needs in off-highway categories such as agriculture, forestry, construction, mining and all others. It also serves the truck & bus industry and industrial electrification applications. The Power Pack is based on an advanced cell-to-pack battery concept with a high power density. Furthermore, the LTO cells ensure high reliability, durability and safety, supporting the demanding applications in the off-highway industry.

The Power Pack is a result of more than 2 years of intensive product development, testing and validation according to all relevant industry standards, with the involvement of some well-known industry players. It is a solution, optimized for all applications requiring high peak power, fast charging, and long cycle life. The robust and durable Power Pack is designed to perform in harsh as well as in very cold environment.

The Power Pack is available in two versions, equipped differently but with the same housing. One version includes the Battery Management Unit (BMU) and serves all 48V applications. The other version is working with an external Power Distribution Unit (PDU), which includes the BMU, to support all high-voltage applications.

With a focus on safety and quality, the Power Pack offers an impressive number of benefits, including a simple Plug & Play installation and flexible integration, that allows the distribution of modules even in different orientations over various locations in the machine or vehicle. This enables the most efficient use of available space and makes it easy for the OEM without the need for a specific battery system compartment.

Valmet Automotive is taking decisive steps as a Tier 1 battery system supplier. We have developed the Modular Power Pack as an industry benchmark solution and will start marketing it under our own name” Jyrki Nurmi, SVP EV Systems, Valmet Automotive, said.

Within the industries the Power Pack is already creating high interest. The series production start is planned for Q3/2022.

With the electrification being the leading industry trend, Valmet Automotive’s Modular Battery Platform will offer solutions to customers of various industries with low to high production volumes. It enables OEMs to execute their electrification strategies by saving development and project costs as well as production line investments while being able to take full advantage of a fully proven battery system.

Valmet Automotive has an outstanding expertise in industrialisation and production and is constantly expanding its footprint with high-volume battery plants. The ever growing and experienced engineering force for module and battery development can rely on various inhouse testing facilities which cover almost the full product validation scope. By introducing the Modular Power Pack, based on dedicated inhouse specification, Valmet Automotive is executing the strategy to significantly grow as a full scope Tier-1 system supplier.

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