UEC Advanced Electronics Will Be Manufacturing Gen 3 6T Li-Ion Batteries in Hanahan, SC

UEC Advanced Electronics is excited to announce that we are standing up a Gen 3 6T Li-ion battery manufacturing line in Hanahan, SC. (Q4 2023) in support of the Army ground vehicle transition to hybrid vehicles.

UEC Advanced Electronics will be manufacturing Gen 36T Li-ion batteries in Hanahan, SC made in the USA in 2024. UEC is currently going through qualification testing to MIL-PRF-32565 and compliance testing to NAVY S9310 with third-party test facilities, forecasting completion in 2024.

UEC Gen3 6T Li-ion Battery advantages:

– NATO 6T Gen 3 Li- ion Battery 24 Volt
– Nuclear hardened option
– Capacity (typical) 135Ah
– 4 times the energy of Lead Acid 6T batteries
– 1,200 charging cycles and 5-year operational life
– Smart BMS with self-charging
– CAN Bus communications (SAE) 1939 + MIL-PRF-3265C)

Matt Bakker, President UEC., says “Lithium-Ion battery technology is an exciting step forward for our UEC Advanced Electronics business in South Carolina. We look forward to contributing to electrification and 6T lead-acid replacement initiatives within the US defense community.”

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