U.S. Energy Storage Association announces executive committee

Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of U.S. Energy Storage Association (ESA)

The U.S. Energy Storage Association (ESA), the national trade association for the American energy storage industry, announced yesterday the 2020-2021 election of its executive committee officers as well as a new board appointment. Each year, ESA holds elections among its members, and the resulting board of directors selects its new officers. The board of directors and its officers will support ESA in its mission to accelerate the widespread use of competitive and reliable energy storage systems across the nation.

The 2020-2021 officers serving a one-year term are:

  • Board Chair: John D. Hewa, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
  • Immediate Past Char: Troy Miller, GE Renewable Energy
  • Vice Chair: Kiran Kumaraswamy, Fluence
  • Treasurer: Peter Muhoro, Ph.D., National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation
  • Secretary: Jacqueline DeRosa, Ameresco

In addition to the election of the board officers, Chair John Hewa has appointed a new board member to fill a vacant seat. The newly appointed board member is Jeff Bishop, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Key Capture Energy. Jeff started Key Capture in 2016 and has grown the company into a market leader in building large-scale energy storage projects. Key Capture is a member of ESA’s Leadership Circle.

“We extend our thanks and gratitude to our board officers as they continue in their role of guiding and supporting the organization during this pivotal time,” said Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO of ESA. “We are equally excited to welcome our newly elected board member, Jeff Bishop. While we face challenges across our communities, our organization can proudly say that we have the best minds collaborating on determining the most viable solutions to ensure a more resilient, efficient, sustainable and affordable grid.”

About U.S. Energy Storage Association
The U.S. Energy Storage Association (ESA) is the national trade association dedicated to energy storage, working toward a more resilient, efficient, sustainable and affordable electricity grid – as is uniquely enabled by energy storage. With 190 members, ESA represents a diverse group of companies, including independent power producers, electric utilities, energy service companies, financiers, insurers, law firms, installers, manufacturers, component suppliers and integrators involved in deploying energy storage systems around the globe.

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