Testing of unblended Talnode-Si silicon anode material shows ~5x energy capacity of graphite-only anodes

Battery anode and materials company Talga Group reported that recent testing by a global Tier-1 EV manufacturer of unblended Talnode-Si demonstrated ~5x the energy capacity of graphite-only commercial anodes (1,800mAh/g vs 360mAh/g). Talnode-Si is a composite of graphite, graphene and ~50% silicon designed to boost battery energy capacity when blended into existing commercial graphite anode materials.

Talga has been developing Talnode-Si since 2018 at its facilities in Cambridge, UK, with commercial samples being produced at its pilot facility in Rudolstadt, Germany. Recent qualification and pilot trials completed with a global EV manufacturer confirmed Talnode-Si performance under commercial cell manufacturing conditions.

Li-ion battery cells containing 9% Talnode-Si, manufactured in battery tolling and in-house development facilities, boosted battery energy capacity by ~40%. Test results of first cycle efficiency and 500 cycle life to date exceed customer targets at this stage of development.

Talga is expanding its existing pilot line in Rudolstadt to produce greater quantities of Talnode-Si for commercial qualification. Commissioning of the expanded pilot line is to be completed in Q1 2023.

In parallel, the company is conducting feasibility work towards accelerating commercial Talnode-Si production options. The company said that negotiations with leading global EV manufacturers regarding supply volumes have commenced and production site location selection in Europe is well underway.

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