System and method for charge/discharge switch control circuits for batteries patent granted to O2Micro

O2Micro® International Limited, George Town, Cayman Islands, (NASDAQ Global Select Market: OIIM), a global leader in the design, development and marketing of high-performance integrated circuits and solutions, has announced the grant of a patent for a system and method for charge/discharge switch control circuits for batteries.

O2Micro was issued 17 claims under US patent US 10,574,068 B2 on Feb 25, 2020 for the invention of charge/discharge switch control circuits for batteries.

A charge/discharge switch control circuit for a battery pack includes a set of driving terminals and detection circuitry coupled to the driving terminals. The driving terminals provide driving signals to control a status of a switch circuit to enable charging or discharging of the battery pack. The detection circuitry receives voltages at multiple terminals of the switch circuit and detects a status of an interface of the battery pack according to the status of the switch circuit and a difference between the voltages. The interface can receive power to charge the battery pack and provide power from the battery pack to a load.

Dr. Guoxing Li, VP of Advanced Technology, O2Micro, commented, “This invention helps simplify the battery pack design with embedded high side NFET drivers and various protections to enhance system application safety.”

About O2Micro

Founded in April 1995, O2Micro develops and markets innovative power management components for the Computer, Consumer, Industrial and Automotive markets. Products include Backlighting and Battery Management.

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