SVOLT officially launches two cobalt-free batteries

Yang Hongxin, President of SVOLT

Chinese automotive battery company SVOLT Energy Technology Co. Ltd. today has officially announced two cobalt-free batteries.

Yang Hongxin, President of SVOLT, said the newly launched cobalt-free batteries have several core advantages including longer cycle life, better safety and higher energy density. SVOLT’s L6 cobalt-free long cell is being adapted to a high-end model of Great Wall Motors. With its matrix PACK design, this vehicle could reach a driving range of 880km. This is comparable with that of internal combustion engine – ICE vehicles.

If this driving range can truly be realized, SVOLT’s cobalt-free batteries would undoubtedly have created a new product category for automotive batteries. It will improve the competitive advantage of battery electric vehicles – BEVs greatly relative to ICE vehicles, eliminate range anxiety of end users about existing BEVs, increase consumers’ confidence in choosing BEVs, and speed up the process of replacement of ICE vehicles with BEVs.

SVOLT is a rising automotive battery supplier in China. Starting since 2012, the company has become an independent automotive battery supplier after officially spinning off from Great Wall Motors in 2018. In September 2019, SVOLT announced its European business development plan called “SVOLT’s Engagement in Europe” during the IAA in Frankfurt. From a global perspective, SVOLT is the first AI prismatic cell manufacturing factory to utilize the “High-Speed Stacking Technology”. SVOLT strives to produce Automotive-Grade batteries through comprehensive process management and commitments to a global footprint. These measures will enable SVOLT to enter into the automotive battery supplier chain of global OEMs, says the company.

In February 2020, it has been reported that SVOLT has received a nomination letter on automotive batteries from a large European OEM.

SVOLT, whose precursor is the Battery Business Unit of Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd, started its cell pre-research work in 2012, and became independent in February, 2018. Headquartered in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in China, SVOLT is a high-tech new energy company that specializes in energy technology, including EVB materials, cells, modules, PACK, BMS, energy storage and solar energy R&D and manufacturing.

SVOLT plans for 7 R&D centers around the globe, with four currently in operation, in Baoding, Korea, Shanghai and India, and three are under construction in the US, Japan and Wuxi.

Roadmap: SVOLT is pioneering the introduction of prismatic stacking batteries, making it the world’s first high-speed stacking prismatic battery maker. The high-speed stacking process is the new generation of battery technology that breaks the bottleneck of winding processes of batteries. SVOLT aims to finish stacking one cell in 0.25 seconds in one single station. In contrast to the same type of winding process, the energy density of SVOLT stacking batteries improves 5%, the cycle life improves 10% while reducing the costs.

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