Sunrise New Energy receives approval for two patents for Na-ion anode materials

China-based Sunrise New Energy Co., Ltd. announced that its subsidiary, Sunrise (Guizhou) New Energy Materials Co., Ltd., has received preliminary approval from the National Intellectual Property Office for two separate patents related to anode materials for sodium-ion batteries:

  • “Preparation Method of Metal Sulfide-Doped Hard Carbon Composite Material” (2023121500112460) focuses on the preparation method for a metal sulfide-doped hard carbon composite material that enhances the specific capacity and power performance of hard carbon.
  • “Fiber-Structured Titanium-Doped Amorphous Carbon Coated Silver Hard Carbon Composite Material and the Preparation Method” (2023121501155630) introduces a fiber-structured titanium-doped amorphous carbon coated silver hard carbon composite material and its preparation method. The hard carbon composite material of this invention exhibits a core-shell structure, with the inner core composed of silver-doped hard carbon material and the outer shell composed of titanium-doped amorphous carbon. This design enhances the initial efficiency, cycling performance, and rate capability of the anode materials.

Sodium-ion batteries predominantly utilize hard carbon materials as the anode material. However, these materials suffer from several noticeable drawbacks, including low specific capacity, low compactness, and limited expansion. Moreover, the inherent disparity in electronic conductivity of the material leads to performance variations in terms of rate capability.

“Sunrise is a research-driven high-tech enterprise with cutting-edge technology in the field of anode materials worldwide, placing us in a leading position within the industry. We have filed domestic and international patents related to new graphite, silicon-carbon, and hard carbon technologies. Due to our technological leadership, we have been able to secure top-tier domestic and international clients such as CATL, BYD, Narada Power, and Hithium Energy, specializing in electric vehicle and energy storage batteries. Furthermore, we have contributed significantly as a principal drafting entity to the national battery industry standard policy, “Technical Specifications for the Production Process of Artificial Graphite Anode Materials”, says Haiping Hu, Sunrise New Energy Chairman.

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