Skeleton & Siemens sign an agreement to digitalize supercapacitors production with Siemens’ Manufacturing Operations Management System

The cooperation between Skeleton and Siemens Digital Industries is taking another step forward with CEOs Taavi Madiberk and Guido Feind signing an agreement for the digitalization of Skeleton’s Leipzig Superfactory currently under construction in Markranstädt, Germany.

The agreement adds to the existing partnership between the companies to create a fully automated, digital manufacturing process for producing supercapacitors in Germany. Skeleton is investing 220 million euros in scaling up its supercapacitor production in Germany at its Leipzig Superfactory, which will be the largest supercapacitor factory in the world. Skeleton’s cooperation with Siemens also ensures it is the most modern factory of its kind globally, as Siemens will provide support through its Digital Enterprise portfolio and industrial battery cell production expertise.

The first phase of the factory will open in 2024, with the second phase scheduled for completion in 2025. Leipzig Superfactory will produce up to 12 million supercapacitor cells per year and create 240 jobs in the area.

Taavi Madiberk: “It is a great pleasure to take this new step in the cooperation between Skeleton and Siemens. Thanks to this agreement, we will benefit from Siemens’ deep experience and accelerate the digitalization of our production and entire value chain. Together we share the same values and belief that innovative technologies hold the key to reaching net zero but there is a need for speed. Digitally enhanced design and manufacturing processes will allow us to scale up our production and make our factory the most modern and sustainable supercapacitor factory in the world. We are looking forward to deepening our cooperation with Siemens in the future.

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