SK battery America partners with Georgia Quick Start and Lanier Technical College to train 2,600 jobs

The employees of SK battery America participate in Quick Start training program

SK battery America, a manufacturing facility of SK Innovation Battery Business in the U.S., has signed a partnership agreement with Quick Start and Lanier Technical College in Georgia, U.S. to train 2,600 new jobs on July 30th.

Quick Start is Georgia’s internationally acclaimed economic development program that provides customized workforce training at no cost to qualified businesses in Georgia. It has trained more than 1.25 million workers through nearly 7,000 projects since 1967. Lanier Technical College provides technical and adult education to support the economic development and well-being of the people, communities, and companies of various counties including Jackson County.

SK battery America’s first EV battery manufacturing plant in Georgia is under construction and expected to start operating in 2021 with an annual capacity of 9.8 GWh, providing approximately 2,000 new high-skilled jobs. The firm also signed another 940 million USD investment in June to build the second plant here, which is set to produce 11.7GWh annually and create more than 600 additional new jobs. In total, SK battery America will provide about 2,600 jobs in the Jackson County area.

Pre-hire testing, job-specific training for each major production area and maintenance will be provided through Quick Start’s training program for SK battery America. The program will also include professional development and quality and productivity enhancement training courses. Previously, in order to prepare for the courses, Quick Start conducted a project study at SK Innovation’s battery factory in Seosan, South Korea. Quick Start is in charge of designing and developing training material, hands-on simulations, and providing instructors for the classes.


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