Sigma Lithium and Brazilian Government officials ring Nasdaq opening bell to celebrate the launch of Lithium Valley Brazil initiative

SIGMA Lithium Corporation, a Brazil-based company dedicated to powering the next generation of electric vehicle batteries with Green Lithium, and representatives from the government of Brazil celebrated the launch of Lithium Valley Brazil by ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq MarketSite in New York.

Located in Vale do Jequitinhonha, Minas Gerais, one of the regions in Brazil with the lowest human development indexes, Lithium Valley Brazil is an unprecedented collaborative effort marking the future of a more sustainable source of lithium. The initiative is aimed at attracting capital markets and private investments in the lithium battery supply chain while streamlining the development and construction of projects in the lithium mining and processing industries. Lithium Valley Brazil highlights Brazil’s leadership in enabling the green energy transition globally with sustainable critical minerals.

Going forward, Lithium Valley Brazil will create optimal business conditions to foster significant increases in the production of Green Lithium in Brazil, and facilitate the development of a green industrial footprint for the metal while advancing social development goals, including reducing income inequality at Vale do Jequitinhonha.

The production of Green Lithium is expected to attract the next generation of green downstream processing industries, building an environmentally and socially sustainable lithium supply chain to support the growth of electric vehicle battery factories located all over the world.

The growth of Lithium Valley Brazil will be our collective contribution for a greener planet and a more just society,” said Ana Cabral-Gardner, Sigma Lithium’s CEO and Co-Chairperson. “It will bring prosperity to the people of Vale do Jequitinhonha by growing the lithium industry while ensuring the social economic development of the entire region.

Ana wrapped her opening bell remarks by closing, “Lithium Valley Brazil is just as much about producing the lithium as it is about the people. All of us are embracing the Lithium Valley as partners in bringing lithium from Brazil to the world, driven by capital markets and the private sector. The lithium valley is our legacy. Our children and grandchildren will be proud of us in the future.”

Lithium Valley Brazil is the result of the unwavering commitment to climate action, environmental and social sustainability of a relentless and dedicated group of global impact investors, public government officials and regulatory bodies, NGOs, industry associations and civil society.

The initiative was fostered by the unprecedented collaboration among the Government of the state of Minas Gerais, the Ministry of Mines and Energy of the Federal Government, Brazil’s National Parliament (Congresso Nacional), Minas Gerais State Parliament (Assembleia Legislativa Minas Gerais), Brazil’s Mining Regulatory Agency (ANM), Minas Gerais Industry Federation (FIEMG), Brazil’s Mining Sector Association (IBRAM), The Civil Society NGO Mulheres do Brasil and its microcredit initiative Dona de Mim, executives and employees at the four pioneer lithium companies from all over the world: Sigma Lithium (Brazil), Atlas Resources (USA), Latin Resources (Australia) and Lithium Ionic (Canada).

In honor of the occasion, Ana Cabral-Gardner, Sigma Lithium Corporation CEO and Co-Chairperson, joined Romeu Zema, Governor of the state of Minas Gerais, and Vitor Saback, Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy in ringing the Nasdaq Opening Bell.

Lithium Valley Brazil commences with significant relevance in the global lithium industry, anchored by Sigma Lithium, one of the world’s top producers, which is trucking to port the most environmentally and socially sustainable lithium in the world. Sigma Lithium materials are expected to enable the production of 610,000 electric vehicles in the first year and 1,6 million electric vehicles in its second year,” added Ana.

Federal and State Governments will ensure legal certainty and enable regulatory simplicity as well as streamline the permitting process for environmentally sustainable projects. With the proceeds from the 2% of lithium royalties already collected from the industry, the Governments will lead social sustainability infrastructure projects focused on sanitation, health and education that will benefit the people of Vale do Jequitinhonha, lifting their living conditions and reducing inequality.

Investors and capital markets are expected to fund all sustainable lithium projects, ancillary projects, and industry infrastructure as well as downstream industries. As a result of this capital markets-friendly approach, taxpayer money will be directed to social development, following the successful Australian model.

Participating companies are committing to setting the highest global standards of environmental and social sustainability in prospecting and producing the lithium. Industry associations, civil society and NGOs will support the social sustainability efforts, helping to improve the lives of the people of Vale do Jequitinhonha.

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