Siemens Mobility and NEB present new design for trains powered by batteries

Rolling stock manufacturer Siemens Mobility and Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn (NEB) presented the final design of the Mireo Plus, which will enter service on the Heidekrautbahn and East Brandenburg rail networks in December 2024. Both the exterior and interior design of the high-performance and sustainably conceived train reflect the innovations that went into the climate-friendly hybrid drives as well as the extensive added value provided by the equipment, passenger services, comfort, and convenience.

We are especially pleased that we are manufacturing climate-friendly and sustainable trains powered by hydrogen or batteries for NEB,” said Elmar Zeiler, Head of Regional Trains at Siemens Mobility. “The Mireo Plus B and Mireo Plus H trainsets combine innovation and sustainability on rail routes where electrification with overhead lines is neither possible nor economical. Only by providing a strong rail presence and alternative types of drives will we be able to make a significant contribution to combating climate change.”

Graphic artist Sebastian Büsching drew on elements of NEB’s corporate design to liven up the “conventional” exterior design of regional trains in a playful way. Rather than displaying continuous stripes or the rigid, symmetrical shapes typically featured on regional trains, the NEB variant for the Mireo works with informally arranged coloured flecks that are only remotely reminiscent of the familiar striped look. Emerging from the solidly coloured driver’s cab, blue flecks are increasingly absorbed by light grey flecks moving rearward to the middle of the train. The design is inspired by the idea that regional trains transport passengers virtually around the clock – and the pattern of changing colours symbolizes the transition from night to day.

The Mireo Plus B has 127 seats and standing room for 155 passengers. Both train types provide twelve bicycle spaces and room for two wheelchairs.

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