Shell Energy Retail and Shell-owned sonnen provide UK’s first seasonal solar and battery storage tariff

Shell Energy Retail Ltd. has launched a first-of-its-kind Solar Storage tariff that could revolutionize how solar panels are used in UK homes. A UK-first, the tariff is being launched as a trial in partnership with Shell-owned sonnen Gmbh, Wildpoldsried, Germany, allowing homeowners to earn solar bill-credits on excess electricity generated in the summer to reduce bills in winter. Customers with a sonnenBatterie and the Shell Energy Solar Storage tariff, can now rely on self-generated power from their solar panels all year round, significantly reducing their energy bills and their reliance on the electricity grid.

The tariff will earn customers up to £150* (188.49 $) in solar credits over summer, that will be applied to their electricity bills in the winter months. The sonnenBatterie stores energy from the sun during the day and allows households to use it when the sun isn’t shining. In summer, rooftop solar panels are likely to generate even more electricity than customers can use, or store in their batteries. This surplus electricity is fed back into the grid, earning the customers Shell Energy’s exclusive solar credits. A typical home in the UK will use about 30% of the electricity their solar panel system produces, but sonnen research has shown that the combination of a solar PV system and a sonnenBatterie will allow consumers to typically cover about 75%1 of their annual electricity usage with self-produced and clean energy.

Adding the Shell Energy Solar Storage tariff increases this even further. Initially launched as a pilot with limited customer numbers, Shell Energy’s Solar Storage tariff and accompanying battery is suitable for the 825,000 UK homes that currently have solar panels and those who are considering installing them. In the longer term Shell Energy Retail hopes to help unlock the potential for mass solar and battery installation across Britain’s homes – reducing the reliance on the grid.

Colin Crooks, CEO of Shell Energy Retail, said: “Home battery technology and smart tariffs could play a key role in helping UK homes become net-zero by enabling them to consume more of their self-produced energy and balancing out seasonal variations in solar power generation. The benefit of a solar panel on your home’s roof increases when you add a home battery, and again when you add a smart tariff like this. It ensures no electricity is wasted and the owner of the solar panel gets the maximum benefit. In effect customers will be loaning out excess electricity in the summer and claiming it back, through bill credits, when they need it in the winter. The tariff was developed in consultation with UK customers who have installed, or are planning to install solar panels. During the consultation customers were concerned about the seasonal performance of solar panels. We’ve worked with them to ensure they not only get the full benefits in summer, but also see lower energy bills in winter. An initial trial found that the home battery made homes with solar panels self-sufficient for electricity during the period. This excess energy was fed back to the grid, which would earn users solar credits for use in the winter when the solar panels will generate less electricity.

Gavin Stokes, sonnen Country Director UK & Ireland, said: “The partnership between sonnen and Shell Energy Retail comes at the perfect time as customers in the UK are recognising that renewable energy starts at home. The sonnenBatterie combined with the Solar Battery Tariff will allow customers to benefit from reduced electricity bills and become less reliant on the grid. Thousands of homes in Britain have been using solar panels for.”

Tariff details
⎼ The Shell Energy March 2022 plus Solar Credits plus solar credits, fixed for 20 months is priced at £1,016 2 per year for a household based on typical consumption of gas and electricity (without solar or battery),
⎼ Customers are entitled to solar credits of up to £150, which will be applied to the account in the winter months. This is based on deemed export of 1,000 kWh over the summer months of 2021 (June, July and August) and will be applied to the electricity account in the winter months (December ‘21, January and February ‘22),
⎼ A typical price for a fully installed 5kWh sonnenBatterie starts from £6,499 inc VAT ENDS.

About Shell Energy Retail Ltd
Shell Energy Retail Ltd, trading under the Shell Energy brand, supplies 100% renewable electricity, as well as gas, smart home technology and broadband to households across Britain. The Shell Energy brand is also shared by Shell’s energy marketing and trading business. This separate entity provides more and cleaner energy solutions across a global portfolio of gas, power, environmental products and energy efficiency offers to meet current and future energy needs of Shell’s large-scale customers: energy producers, asset owners, traders, wholesalers, and large industrial customers.

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