September In Norway goes off the charts: record plugin vehicle market share of 82%

Electric vehicle pioneer Norway saw a massive 81.6% plugin electric vehicle market share of the overall market in September, with almost 62% being pure electric vehicles. Best sellers included the new VW ID.3, the Tesla Model 3, and Polestar 2. Pure fossils tumbled to just 11.1% market share, reports.

As usual, pure battery electrics (BEVs) took the larger share, with 61.5% and plugin hybrids (PHEVs) taking 20.1%. The strong BEV push in September lifted the BEV share somewhat higher than normal. So far this year, the cumulative share for plugin vehicles has reached 70.8%, with BEVs taking 50.5% share and PHEVs taking 20.3%. The combined market share result for all plugins in full year 2019 was 56%.

The top selling BEVs in September matched the predictions we made last month, with the VW ID.3, Tesla Model 3, and Polestar 2 all putting in very strong performances:

The ID.3’s strong 1st month push of 1989 units somewhat mirrors what we saw in the Tesla Model 3’s first month back in March 2019, though the Tesla hit a much higher 5,315 units at the time. There’s always some pent-up demand and excitement for a compelling new model — the actual sales volume is more dependent on the OEM’s logistics and delivery strategy, and whether it is serious about selling EVs. Volkswagen has built up a decent stock of ID.3 over recent months, and all of its statements and investments suggest it is serious about selling EVs.

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