Sepion Technologies opens one of largest separator coating facilities for Li-metal batteries in N Americaa

Sepion Technologies, a leading battery product company focused on advancing lithium-metal batteries (LMBs) for electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility applications, opened of one of North America’s largest separator coating facilities for LMBs.

This 100% renewable-energy-powered building spans 25,000 square feet, increasing Sepion’s separator coating capacity by 1,000-fold and polymer synthesis scale by 100-fold. It also enables the production of up to 10 Ah pouch cells.

These enhancements will expedite the transition of Sepion’s LMB separator coatings from prototype to pilot-scale production in collaboration with leading automotive OEMs.

Sepion designs its separators using a closed-loop, data-driven materials development program combining computational chemistry, machine learning, and experimental electrochemistry to accelerate the safe replacement of graphite anodes with lithium-metal and boost e-mobility range by 40% or more while delivering a considerable improvement in fast-charge performance.

With a focus on scaling its products using established roll-to-roll manufacturing processes, the company ensures gigafactory compatibility with minimal switching costs. Sepion says that its products can empower battery cell manufacturers to maximize the potential of their gigafactories, offering a 40% increase in energy output and faster capital payback.

Sepion is actively developing separator products and sampling with Fortune 100 automotive companies and global battery suppliers.

Sepion’s roots extend to the US Department of Energy’s innovation hub, the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), and awards from ARPA-E, Advanced Manufacturing Office, California Energy Commission, and New Energy Nexus which have amplified their growth.

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