Samsung SDI expands battery factory to manufacture 46120 batteries in Europe

Samsung SDI, the South Korean battery maker, is planning to expand its battery factory in Goed, Hungary within the year. The expansion, called stage two, will allow the company to manufacture batteries with a diameter of 46mm. Customer BMW has specifically requested Samsung SDI to produce 46120 batteries, which are 46mm in diameter and 120mm in length.

This expansion comes as BMW is constructing an electric vehicle factory in Debrecen, which is conveniently located near Samsung SDI’s facility. The battery maker is expected to invest 500 billion won in the expansion, adding two production lines to achieve an annual capacity of 10GWh.

In addition to the 46120 batteries, Samsung SDI is also anticipated to manufacture 4680 and 4695 batteries. The 4680 batteries, popularized by Tesla, are gaining traction among electric vehicle manufacturers. Samsung SDI will start by developing the 4680 batteries before moving on to produce 4695 and 46120 batteries.

To support this expansion, Samsung SDI already operates a pilot line for the batteries in Cheonan, South Korea, and it is expected to commence production in Malaysia as well.

With these developments, Samsung SDI is poised to cater to the growing demand for batteries in the European market, particularly within the electric vehicle industry.

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