Runhood launches first modular power station with swappable batteries

Runhood Power Inc., a cutting-edge manufacturer of portable power solutions, has announced the launch of the RALLYE 600a first-of-its-kind modular power station featuring swappable batteries. The award-winning design was first featured in a highly successful crowd-funding campaign that raised an impressive 814 percent of its original goal. The coveted product is highly adaptable and capable of providing infinite power.

We designed this product to be a solution to a growing problem. Increasingly, our work and play is taking us offsite and off-the-grid. We need products that support the flexibility and demands of this changing landscape,” said Runhood CEO Jeremy Yao. “People are living in vans and on boats, and working from campgrounds and tropical beaches. We want to make sure these new adventures and modes of productivity are supported with a system that adapts to the way we live now.”

The 600W system is powered by two swappable 324Wh batteries that slide into the unit for a combined 648Wh of power. Customers can purchase as many additional batteries as needed, and swap them without losing power, so devices run uninterrupted. The modular system can also be customized to suit different situations. Runhood provides both an 110V/80W AC Module and a 256W DC Module that can be attached to individual batteries, creating smaller power packs for lighter usage. A portable 100W solar panel is available for customers who need to recharge on-the-go or off-the-grid.

We want to give our customers maximum flexibility, so they have the option of only bringing what they need,” added Yao. “The swappable batteries easily attach to the compatible AC or DC modules for quick trips that require less power. But if you want a lot of power — or even infinite power — you have the option of stocking up on as many batteries as you need. With Runhood, customers never have to worry about getting to zero!

The RALLYE 600 modular portable power station is the winner of 2022 iF Design Award, a 2021 Red Dot Award, and a Golden Pin Design Award. The basic RALLYE 600 model with two 324Wh lithium polymer batteries starts at $739 and can be purchased on the company website or Amazon.

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