Romeo packs by Romeo Power: the first battery pack family for commercial vehicles

Romeo Power Technology, Vernon, California, the manufacturer of advanced battery packs with high energy density for electric vehicles, has released a family of battery packs that range in size from 30kWh to 1 MWh to serve the commercial vehicle market. Romeo’s technology has solved the problem of quickly getting electric commercial trucks and buses the battery configurations needed to accelerate their move to full electric. Romeo Power has proprietary IP that enables battery packs to serve multiple markets no matter the size of the motor, which means they can serve a wider customer base, faster.

“We noticed a gap in the e-mobility industry for commercial vehicles, so we set out to develop a battery pack family that could not only power the largest vehicles but take them further than the rest,” said Lionel Selwood Jr., CEO of Romeo Power. “This is a huge competitive advantage, the future is all electric, and our packs can easily be configured to meet the needs of any commercial vehicle in the market.”

“It’s important to understand that Romeo bridges the gap between the battery cell manufacturers and the OEMs (vehicle manufacturers).  Romeo’s magic is in applying advanced know-how in areas like materials, structures, thermal management, software and algorithms to create the safest and among the highest energy density systems on the market today, all while meeting or exceeding the long-life needs of commercial vehicles. The combination of design decisions and novel manufacturing methods enables high performance at an optimized cost,” says Dr. A.K Srouji, CTO of Romeo Power.

Romeo Power battery packs can be configured to meet exact, unique specifications quickly without needing to redesign the entire battery to fit unusual spec requirements. Romeo’s BEV family of packs is the first of its kind that can be used across a broad spectrum of commercial uses, from Class 3 delivery vehicles to Class 8 heavy-duty, long haul vehicles. Headquartered in Los AngelesRomeo Power battery packs are made in the USA and have among the highest volumetric and gravimetric energy density and fastest charge time. They are the safest packs with high energy density being built and delivered today, using advanced cooling methods to maximize energy utilization and product longevity.

To ensure battery life, efficiency and peak operability for customers, once installed in its customers’ vehicles.  Romeo Power uses proprietary machine learning technology to monitor its battery packs to maximize performance. The data collected provides Romeo Power customers with unique insights to maximize the value of their battery packs – and their warranties. Customers benefit from data analytics that range from determining the most efficient times to fuel up, enhancing mileage and route consolidation.

Romeo recently entered into a definitive agreement with RMG Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: RMG), a special purpose acquisition company, for a business combination that would result in Romeo Power becoming a publicly listed company. The business combination is expected to close in late Q4 2020.

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