REPT BATTERO Energy launches new battery solution for energy storage, boasting greater safety, performance and durability

REPT BATTERO Energy Co., Ltd., a leading new energy solution provider backed by China’s stainless steel and nickel giant Tsingshan Industry, has unveiled a suite of new battery products with higher efficiency, safety, and durability to address the future demands of renewable energy storage.

The new offerings include a host of lithium-ion battery cells powered by REPT’s proprietary Wending technology designed to prolong the charge cycle and boost performance, alongside two brand-new battery clusters – COOL I and COOL II. Tailored to the needs of homeowners in North America, the new battery cell lineup, which includes the 72Ah, 100Ah, and 320Ah models, features the optimized cathode, electrolyte, and structural design to increase the capacity by 15% while keeping the size unchanged.

The debut of the world’s first single-cell 320Ah lithium-ion battery that exceeds 1KWh marks a new technological milestone for REPT as it seeks to develop the next-generation battery technology to meet the renewable challenge of tomorrow. REPT has equipped the 72Ah/100Ah models with anode microchannel technology to increase their service time to up to 20 years, building upon its previous technological breakthrough to bring the cycle count to 6,000. Created for versatility, the COOL I and COOL II battery clusters target the diverse needs of energy storage and are designed to offer flexible and bespoke integrated solutions for users in North America.

We are thrilled to introduce our new battery solutions which are packed with our latest innovations. Our unrelenting pursuit of excellence and supreme quality has driven us to craft our products to the smallest details to ensure every improvement effort will translate to a meaningful impact on their efficiency, safety, and performance. Guided by its vision to decarbonize the global economy, REPT will continue leveraging its expertise in battery technologies to help the world expedite the renewable transition,” said Board of Directors of Tsingshan Group.

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