Renascor Resources completes battery anode material study

Renascor Resources Ltd. (RNU), Kent Town, SA Australia, has completed its Battery Anode Material Study for its Siviour Graphite Project, The Market Herald reports.

The study shows Siviour is able to produce purified spherical graphite (PSG) at one of the lowest costs of any graphite development in the world.

Purification tests have confirmed the ability to process Siviour into high-value PSG through the more environmentally-friendly caustic roast purification method.

Caustic roasting is a process used to purify graphite and make it battery-grade. Reportedly, it’s better for the environment than hydrofluoric acid, which is generally used in China.

Testing was undertaken by a German graphite specialist, ProGraphite GmbH. Specifically, the tests have upgraded Siviour’s spheronised graphite to a lithium-ion battery-grade of 99.97 per cent carbon PSG by using a caustic roast purification technique.

“The results today further support Renascor’s goal of becoming a major source of PSG for lithium-ion battery anode makers by validating our more eco-friendly purification process that satisfies sustainability requirements of end-users and financiers,” Managing Director David Christensen said.

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