Redivivus announces novel lithium-ion battery recycling process with 92% recovery rate

Redivivus Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States, has successfully completed a proof of concept (PoC) to build Redi-Cycle™, a novel lithium-ion battery recycling process.

Redi-Cycle converts battery materials at a high purity to secondary materials through a hybrid solution of hydrometallurgical and electrochemical recycling, reducing mining demand and increasing end user savings. The final product is a Nickel and Cobalt metallic alloy, called Redivivus Nickel, that bypasses the challenging and costly process of separating the elements. Redi-Cycle is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective when compared to other battery recycling technologies.

Unlike many commercial and R&D efforts, Redi-Cycle decouples recovered materials from battery production flow and inserts them as an alloying feedstock into metallurgical operations of the stainless steel and superalloy industries. However, Nickel and Cobalt are infinitely recyclable and can be placed back into battery production flow as cost-effective technologies develop.

As part of this trial, the PoC demonstrated a 92% minimum recovery rate of Nickel and Cobalt at high purity to create Redivivus Nickel. Additional elements such as Copper, Manganese, Iron and Lithium were recovered at high levels. The success of this PoC will help to further strengthen Redivivus’ business advantage to drive new revenue opportunities with metallurgical consumers.

“By decoupling from the battery supply chain, the Redi-Cycle process allows us—and our customers—the ability to build a more diverse and secure revenue stream,” said Erik Fleming, Head of Supply Chain and Redivivus Co-Founder. “Our output material supports the construction of everything from automobiles to rocket engines and is not just focused on one market. We are incredibly grateful for our partners who contribute to the future of sustainable materials by creating and delivering innovative and complementary solutions.”

About Redivivus

Redivivus is the complete solution to lithium-ion battery recycling. Our proprietary technologies provide white-glove logistics, disassembly and material recovery service for end-of-life batteries. The ultimate success of the Redivivus mission is the safe transportation of battery material and cost-effective recycling that respects long term, multi-planetary life.

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