NXP to offer Qnovo SpectralX battery management software in e-mobility solutions

Dutch semiconductor designer and manufacturer NXP Semiconductors will offer Qnovo’s SpectralX technology as part of its e-mobility enablement solutions for electric vehicles (EV) in 2023. SpectralX is intelligent battery management system (BMS) software that uses predictive analytics to improve battery performance, range, and safety in several types of EVs with any type of lithium-ion battery.

Qnovo’s SpectralX Charging runs as a standard AUTOSAR application and integrates into a non-AUTOSAR RTOS-based BMS architectures through well-defined input and output interfaces.

Qnovo’s SpectralX Health & Safety goes beyond assessment capabilities to identify cells at risk of failure predictively, and recommend the rate of charge adjustment to mitigate the problems before they turn into safety hazards. It runs as a software layer over SpectralX charging, combining adaptive charging and mitigation to deliver ultrafast charging without compromising safety, performance, and cycle life.

Qnovo’s SpectralX Diagnostics runs as a standard AUTOSAR application or integrates into a non-AUTOSAR RTOS-based BMS in the powertrain or runs as an Android/Linux application outside the powertrain. It adds instantaneous health and safety monitoring to extend the standard capacity-based SOH measurement.

Qnovo is working with NXP on a reference design to ensure the seamless integration of Qnovo’s software with the NXP BMS and onboard charger hardware. A validated design means software, hardware and tools work together, reducing development costs for electric vehicles. In addition, it makes fast charging possible without compromising battery health.

SpectralX also adds predictive capabilities to NXP’s BMS and supports swappable batteries. SpectralX has a small memory footprint that leaves room for other features, while the NXP secure boot prevents code tampering and enables secure code delivery, the key to mass-market adoption.

Robert Li, NXP’s Vice President and General Manager, Product Line Driver and Energy Systems, states: “The growing demand for energy-efficient modes of transport is directly boosting the growth rate of the electric two- and three-wheeler market and battery software optimization offered by Qnovo will strengthen our system solutions. Its edge software is particularly suited to emerging markets, where cloud access to manage batteries remotely is not guaranteed.


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