Nexeon licenses NSP-1 silicon material technology to SKC

Nexeon Limited, a supplier of advanced silicon anode materials for next generation lithium-ion batteries, has licensed its NSP-1 technology to advanced materials giant SKC Co. Ltd. The move ensures that customers have fast and reliable access to these strategic materials on a global basis.

SKC is one of Korea’s leading advanced materials companies, with a strategic focus on rechargeable battery, semiconductor and eco-friendly materials.

Nexeon is currently developing two types of silicon materials:

  • NSP-1 is a silicon-based composite powder designed for use in hybrid or low-loading anode electrodes (recommended use up to 10wt.% loading). It can be used to enhance existing graphite anode electrode active materials and is designed to provide improved cell capacity. Typical initial anode capacity is 400 – 450 mAh/g.
  • NSP-2 is a silicon-based material designed for use in high-loading anode electrode formulations (up to 80 wt.%). It provides a significant increase in anode energy capacity and capacity density. NSP-2 mitigates volumetric expansion through the use of engineered porosity at the particle level in combination with optimized anode design.

NSP-1 is suitable for use in silicon-graphite hybrid electrodes, and is a replacement for incumbent SiOx materials, offering better first cycle efficiency, higher energy density and other performance improvements. Nexeon materials have been found to offer best-in-class performance when used in Li-ion batteries, for uses such as automotive power, the company said.

This licensing arrangement comes immediately after the investment and strategic partnership announced with SKC last month. It represents a strong endorsement of the company’s approach and material performance achievements in recent years. The exclusive licence provides Nexeon with an ongoing revenue stream.

SKC plans to enter the silicon anode material market by combining its long-established global mass production and marketing capabilities with Nexeon’s differentiated technology. First, SKC will independently commercialize low-content products and make inroads into the global market, and then commercialize high-content products in a joint venture with Nexeon in keeping with the pace of the market growth.

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