New Features Announced on Yoshino Technology’s First Solid-State Technology (SST) Battery in a Portable Power Station

Yoshino Technology announced at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) two new features on the market’s first solid-state technology (SST) solar generator adaptable power stations. All models (B330, B660, B2000 and B4000) will be ETL Certified, which signifies proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.

The B2000 and B4000 models will also feature Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which provides emergency power when the input power source or main power fails. Additionally, the B4000 will come equipped with Smart Link Tech for infinite capacity expansion and a 30-amp RV outlet for recreational use.

Yoshino’s solid-state technology (SST) portable power stations offer more power in a smaller, lighter and safer power station for uses ranging from outdoor family/outdoor adventure to home backup and industrial settings. Whether consumers find themselves in a tent, car, home, RV or worksite, Yoshino has the right power station to meet their needs.

The portable power stations are built around a state-of-the-art solid electrolyte in place of the bulky and flammable liquid electrolyte found in traditional lithium batteries, which improves performance and represents a giant leap forward for battery technology. Higher energy density means the same amount of power fits into a smaller, lighter package compared to traditional lithium batteries. Whereas liquid electrolytes are flammable and can catch fire if a battery is damaged or overheated, SST batteries have greatly reduced risk because they use a solid electrolyte.

SST batteries also allow for faster charging—up to 80% capacity in under an hour—giving users reliable, portable power that’s ready to go when they are. SST batteries provide up to twice the power per pound of traditional lithium batteries, meaning users can carry more power to tackle bigger tasks.

Being first to announce an SST battery in a portable power station, and now being the only company in this space to have our entire product line ETL certified, has made for a very exciting and busy few months,” said Vince Caito, Vice President, Marketing & Product Development, Yoshino Technology. “Products will begin shipping in May and will enhance a wide array of lifestyles — from van life and outdoor adventure, to powering your outdoor business and providing home backup power in case of power outages — with a smaller, lighter, safer option at the leading edge of solid-state technology.

Yoshino portable power stations can be recharged using both AC and DC inputs, portable solar panels, and even USB-C on supported models. With nearly silent operation and no exhaust fumes, Yoshino power stations can be safely used indoors or out and at times when the loud noise of a gasoline-powered generator would be inappropriate.

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