NEO Battery Materials announces the launch of 3 silicon anode material products “NBMSiDE” for high performance lithium-ion batteries

NEO Battery Materials Ltd. has announced the launch of 3 types of silicon (Si) anode active materials – NBMSiDE-P100, NBMSiDE-P200, and NBMSiDE-C100 – and that is on schedule to target the semi-commercial scale production of these materials by the end of 2022.

The three types of products are manufactured through NEO’s proprietary nanocoating technology and are based on metallurgical-grade silicon with purities of at least 99.95%. NEO’s products have all achieved an initial coulombic efficiency (ICE) greater than 86%, and high specific capacity (>2500 mAh/g). In addition, an ICE of 92% or higher can be attained when NEO’s silicon is mixed with existing graphite anode. NEO’s technology significantly improves the life span and cycling stability compared to conventional metallurgical silicon-based particles.

Mr. Spencer Huh, President and CEO, expressed, “We are very glad to bring the 3 types of silicon anode active prototypes to the market as a result of valuable research and development for the past 7 years. All our business developments are aligned with our plans and strategy, and we have complete confidence in pushing towards the semi-commercial plant facility in South Korea. NEO is positioning itself as a low-cost, robust Si anode materials supplier for electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries, and we are set to provide long-term value for all stakeholders.

Through securing the three product pipelines of silicon anode materials, NEO will be able to respond more efficiently to the various needs of battery materials that are compatible in the lithium-ion battery cell system. The Company is currently working towards to add 2 more product pipelines of silicon anode active materials to meet the market needs and initiatives of the emerging silicon anode market. As one of the pipelines, NEO is expediting the process of developing its 100% pure silicon anode based on CNT (carbon nanotube) conductive additives and new robust binder technologies and is currently conducting research and progressing commercialization projects regarding the graphite/silicon composite anode through active collaboration with companies that have signed NDAs.

Dr. J. H. Park, Director and Chief Scientific Advisor, commented, “Most importantly, NEO Battery Materials is aiming towards uniquely manufacturing the silicon anode materials through a continuous process, unlike existing rechargeable battery material production methods. Our process that effectively reduces the cost of Si anode production will act as a stark point of differentiation compared to existing and potential competitors.

NEO has submitted the application for the trademark of its silicon anode active material products through its South Korean intellectual property (IP) law firm. As stated, the three products will be named NBMSiDE-C100, NBMSiDE-P100, and the NBMSiDE-P200 in which each product represents different nanocoated materials with various modifications made according to specifications of battery manufacturers.

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