Moscow launches its 500th electric bus, largest electric bus fleet in Europe

Moscow, Russia has launched its 500th electric bus—a KAMAZ 6282 electric bus. The KAMAZ 6282 uses lithium-titanate batteries, and has a range of 70 km on one charge. The electric bus is charged in 6-12 minutes with ultrafast charging stations using a half-pantograph. In addition, an on-board charger allows charging the drive from a three-phase 380 V alternating current (“night charge”), reports.

Charging of the electric bus is possible at a temperature range from +45 to -40 ° C. Thus, the electric bus can transport passengers all year round. The maximum speed is 75 km/h.

The first electric buses took to the streets of the city in autumn 2018. Under the terms of contracts in 2018-2019, domestic manufacturers GAZ and KAMAZ supplied 300 electric buses to Moscow. This year will see another 300 electric buses put into service, of which more than 200 have already come on line.

Moscow’s electric fleet is thus the largest in Europe. For comparison—in October, there were 300 electric buses in London, 259 in Paris, 200 in Berlin and 164 in Amsterdam, according to Mosgortrans, the major bus operator of the city.

In October, Mosgortrans announced it had 38 electric bus routes operational in Moscow, up from 36 just a few weeks earlier.

Moscow’s Department of Transport says that the city will launch the Moscow-based production of electric buses next year, with planned capacity of about 400 electric buses in Moscow a year.

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